About Us
The Team

Team Butterman is Tubby’s attempt to reenter racing.  His six weeks at Trembling Hills has paid off and there’s no more pills or chocolate in his life(but plenty of beer).  Banned from Nascar due to his 465 lbs, he’s managed via stomach bypass, public humiliation and duct tape to trim down to the racing seat’s max allowable weight of 275 lbs.   You might say he’s got some skin in the game and you’d be right, lots of it and it’s very loose.

Mark “Missing” Link – Relieved that his restraining orders don’t apply in Ohio, Mark is looking forward to the race.  His nickname “Missing” is really a shortened form for the usually team question, “Where the F&%k, is Mark?”  Our team’s connection with race suppliers we hope to score some really nice sponsorships (read “a few stickers”).

Dave “the Ayatollah” Mulhouse – Known for his fanaticism for certain cars, Dave is currently waging a Jihad on his transmission and clutch.  Team Butterman hopes to leverage his mechanical skills to keep our car running.  Our track record of keeping cars going will require all the prayers Dave can dole out (remember that math test “dear God” moment in the seventh grade?).

Craig “Stogie” Weber – Described by his parole officer as “one bad decision away from being a lifer”, Craig has the shop space, and a greater affection for cigars than Monica Lewinsky.  Team Butterman has been given a car for the event, dubbed “Mouse Piss” for obvious reasons.  We appreciated the good intentions but this race is for $500 cars not 50 cent cars.   Besides donating the team space for Mouse Piss, Craig has the unique talent of not letting facts get in his way.

Greg “Tight-A$$” Swenson  Noted for needing the Jaws of Life to pry open his wallet, Greg has the knack of finding great deals on items others overlook.  When was the last time the guy in front of you negotiated an additional 10 cents off a Big Mac?  Feared at the Sears Craftsman return counter, Greg has financial and budgeting skills that draw admiration from the likes of Madoff.  He’ll be the deal maker for our $500, no $400, “how about $350 and we haul it away?” race car.

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