Will Tubby's skin fit inside a racing suit?

We'll see.  We've ordered the largest one available.  Fortunately, Tubby is no stranger to duct tape and we expect him to "tape up" before the event.  His patented "bowl of jello" fitness level really delivers on the racetrack.

Will Stogie's parole officer be at the track?

We've certainly invited him and expect that Stogie will be providing urine samples on a regular basis.

Does Dave "The Ayatollah" Mulhouse really have a transmission addiction?

While some of us work out regularly, Dave removes, putzes, and re-installs transmissions for fun and fitness.   His right hand assistant "Buddy" offers his regular encouragement. His nemesis:

What kind of car will be driven?

So far we're salivating over several candidates.  The 74 Pacer wagon is in the lead but the owner is showing reluctance.  "It's a classic" is the common refrain.  What better car for a Lemons' race??!! 

Pacer Wagon We're drooling over:

1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (imagine it more rusty and with no front quarter panels:

BMW E30 a.k.a. "Mouse Piss":

Next Year's 24 Hr of Lemons car?

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